Selection of Placements Made | 2020 Q2

Q2 was certainly a quarter to remember for all the obvious reasons. As a business, we were fortunate enough to be able to keep the team fully operational, albeit everyone worked remotely. We are glad to say we returned to the office in mid-June and everything is going well so far. While the level of activity on our side did dramatically slow down, we still managed to have enough work on to keep busy!

Below is a selection of placements which we made in the second quarter of 2020:

  • Head of Distribution - $4bn+ Credit Hedge Fund

  • Emerging Markets Sovereign Credit Analyst - EM focused Hedge Fund

  • Junior Portfolio Manager - Large Global Trading Platform

  • Investor Relations Manager - European Macro Hedge Fund

  • Senior Trade Execution - $1bn L/S Equity Hedge Fund

  • Senior Risk Manager - Quantitative Manager

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