MARCH 2020

In light of the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the virus outbreak, here at OCR we wanted to bring you up to date with how we, and some of our clients are adapting to this new way of working. 

As a business, we are doing our best to continue operating as close to normal as we possibly can, however, we have naturally had to adapt our daily working routine. Some of these changes have included utilising video-conferencing calls to conduct candidate screenings and in some cases client meetings in lieu of in-person meetings.

All our team is now working remotely and have the same level of access and communication which we previously had available. When appropriate, we are utilising Microsoft’s “Teams” application to ensure we maintain the “people contact” across the business. 

From a client perspective, almost all our clients who are continuing their recruitment processes have switched interviews from “face to face” to “virtual” interviews. As people get more settled and adapt to their new working environment, we do anticipate companies reigniting recruitment searches which had been temporarily paused. This will naturally include the utilisation of remote meeting software of which there are plenty of options available.

As there is no certainty surrounding the time frame involved, we do anticipate companies hiring candidates without ever having met them in person. While this is something we would never have expected to see happen, it would seem to be a scenario which we will just have to get comfortable with. 

For the foreseeable future, we expect our team to work remotely, however, with the above practices in place you shouldn't notice any change on our side in terms of contact and the service you receive. 

In the meantime, we hope everyone keeps positive and can overcome all the challenges ahead. Hopefully, when all this is behind us, there will be lots of positive changes in society as a whole.

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